Shipping Methods

Your order will be sent out as fast as possible. Please notice that this can mean that an order will be sent out after one or two weeks after your order. Real life can be stressful.

The following list is the cheapest way to send stuff – the German psot changed their shipping methods to non-German countries in 2019! That’s why it’s so super expensive. Maybe I will add more methods with tracking later.


CDs, Tapes, Zines and 7″: 1,45 € (as Großbrief – no tracking)

LPs: 5,99 (as Paket, includes tracking

Rest of the World

EU: CDs, Tapes, 7″ and LPs: 9 € (includes tracking)

Everywhere outside of EU: Everything 16 € (includes tracking)

These are the costs for pure shipping – to every order, around 5% of the shipping costs are added to account for the packaging material!