MetalPunx Rex is dedicated to the old spirit. I’m mostly doing demo releases of new bands that I think need more support, but I also sometimes to some bigger stuff. Following is a list of all MPX releases so far. 7″s go under EPX, everything else under the MPX name.

  • Cover:EPX02: Midnight Prey – Blood Stained Streets
    This was a MPX premier, as it marks the first time I release a band twice. Normally, the bands I release either have no interest in playing, broke up, or just went too big for me (or to the point where I just couldn’t help them anymore). SO I was really happy when Midnight Prey [...]
  • Cover:MPX08: Midnight Prey – Rite of Blood
    Midnight Prey were a band that I already observed for quite some time. Their Savage Sessions demo was good and promising, but it felt as if the band still needed to find their own style. So when Winston, the singer and guitar player of the band, approached me with their Rite of Blood recordings, I [...]
  • Cover:MPX07: Schafott – Satan’s Throne
    Robert and I know each other for years now, and especially during festivals, we talked and drank quite a lot together. At one Raging Death Date, we discussed his latest project Schafott, and I really liked what I heard. It’s Black/Thrash, but is not aiming for fast brutality. Instead, it even has an epic touch [...]
  • Cover:EPX01: Obsessör/Hellhunt – The Night is on Fire/Reaper’s Funeral
  • Cover:MPX06: Ghost Tower – Head of Night
    In 2013, Iron Kobra played a small concert together with Borrowed Time. On of their members, Matt, handed me a CD-R which contained recordings of two of his projects, Dungeon Beast and Ghost tower, and asked me to consider releasing them. Dungeon Beast is really some crazy music (check it out on bandcamp), but Ghost [...]
  • Cover:MPX05: Speedbreaker – Midnight Warrior
    Ioannis was someone I’ve known for some time, but not really that much. I think he was an Iron Kobra fan, so we met at concerts, but it’s not like we had a lot to do with each other. But when he posted the first Speedbreaker recordings on facebook, I HAD to release their demo. [...]
  • Cover:MPX04: Attic – s/t
    I guess everybody knows Attic by now, and if not, check them out. I played with them during their early days, but it got too time consuming for me. But I still had the opportunity to release the demo on tape. This was the most successful thing I ever put out, it sold out in [...]
  • Cover:MPX03: Krossburst – Speed Metal Chaos Legions
    Iron Kobra gave me the possibility to play all over the world and meet all kinds of people. Mike from Italy was one of them, and let me tell you, he was always a crazy alcohol and drug addicted maniac. I have met few people with so much passion and so much hate towards all [...]
  • Cover:MPX02: Messerschmitt – Demo’lition
    In the early days of MPX, I never really thought that I would release a lot of stuff (and up to this day, I don’t really release a lot), but when I first heard Messerschmitt, I was surprised that there is a German Thrash Metal band which does not aim to sound like Sodom, but [...]
  • Cover:MPX 01: Rest in Peace – Exhumed
    This is the release that started it all. I’ve been friends with Volker, the brain and vocals behind Hellhammer-worshippers Warhammer, for quite some years already, and if you know him, he is this grumpy old guy with a short haircut. Calling me surprised when I saw photos of his first bands from the 80s and [...]
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