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MPX presents: ZEX in Hermsdorf!

I am VERY happy to announce that I’ll be organizing a concert for this amazing Canadian Punk band during their Europe tour which just started.

Why do I announce this so late? Because I am a lazy, stupid fucker (that’s the short version). But it’s taking place so everybody should come for a fun night. It’ll cost around 5€, beer’s cheap so there’s no reason to stay at home.


1 thought on “MPX presents: ZEX in Hermsdorf!

  1. Hey Matze,
    wär vlt. interessant für dich Hard Action noch dazuzubuchen?
    Die suchen was für den Tag und klingt als ob die exakt nach deiner Veranstaltung suchen.

    Hard Action aus Finnland u.a. mit Mitgliedern von Speedtrap. Spielen genau wie Zex aufm Live Evil.

    Facebook (
    “GERMANY!!! Even though it’s a long way back there, we’ll be returning next month for Live Evil and a few extra shows around the festival. If anyone is still interested in booking us we’ve got a day off on Thursday May 26th. Basically anywhere between Würzburg and Berlin would be perfect, but we don’t mind driving a bit for a cool show. Any kind of DIY show and door deal will do!!
    Get in touch if you think you can help us out!!
    hardaction1 (at) gmail (dot) com
    See you next month!”


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