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Distro Update August ’16

Finally, I came back from a three week US trip! Sorry for the lack of updates, but I travelled across the East Coast. Anyway, got some nice stuff from my friends Inti from Canada and Spandex Marco. A rather small update this time, but high quality!


Chainbreaker – Constant Graving

Metalian – Metal, Fire & Ice

Rot Remains – Evisceration of the Mind


Funeral Circle/Gatekeeper – Hades Triumphant/Bell of Tarantia

Also, I now implemented a function in the shop that gives you a free, high quality download for MPX releases. So whenever you buy one of the following products, you’ll get an additional download code for free!

Midnight Prey – Rite of Blood

Obsessör/Hellhunt – The Night is on Fire/Reaper’s Funeral

Speedbreaker – Built for Speed

All other MPX releases which are still available are free to download anyway! If you bought one of these two releases and feel cheated, write me a message and I’ll send you a code for free.

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