MPX08: Midnight Prey – Rite of Blood

Cover:MPX08: Midnight Prey – Rite of Blood

Midnight Prey were a band that I already observed for quite some time. Their Savage Sessions demo was good and promising, but it felt as if the band still needed to find their own style.

So when Winston, the singer and guitar player of the band, approached me with their Rite of Blood recordings, I was totally blown away, as it was a lot more aggressive than their previous record. It cleverly mixed NWOBHM influences with a Speed/Thrash sound and it works really well. This has become my first CD release then, as the tape version was released by Urtod Void Records. I think this is a really cool EP with a totally nonsensically awesome album cover. Are these werewolves or men with wolf masks? What are they doing in the middle of the night sacrificing a naked girl? In any case, with this output Midnight Prey definitely showed that the German metal underground has more to offer than just copying other bands.