MPX07: Schafott – Satan’s Throne

Cover:MPX07: Schafott – Satan’s Throne

Robert and I know each other for years now, and especially during festivals, we talked and drank quite a lot together. At one Raging Death Date, we discussed his latest project Schafott, and I really liked what I heard. It’s Black/Thrash, but is not aiming for fast brutality. Instead, it even has an epic touch to it. How many 3-track Thrash Metal demos can you name with a running time of nearly 20 minutes?

Releasing this was real fun, Robert is a perfectionist. We were searching for weeks for the right paper to print the inlays and he constantly corrected small details. This release also marks the first time Götz from Deaf Forever wrote me an e-mail! I never do heavy promotion of my releases, but he somehow heard of the Schafott demo and even made it the magazine’s Demo of the Month. This is the second time a MPX release is honoured in that regard, with the first being the Attic demo.

Anyway, Schafott’s now signed to High Roller Records and hopefully put their album out soon!

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