MPX06: Ghost Tower – Head of Night

Cover:MPX06: Ghost Tower – Head of Night

In 2013, Iron Kobra played a small concert together with Borrowed Time. On of their members, Matt, handed me a CD-R which contained recordings of two of his projects, Dungeon Beast and Ghost tower, and asked me to consider releasing them. Dungeon Beast is really some crazy music (check it out on bandcamp), but Ghost Tower got me from the first note. It has a very eery feeling, the music is awesome Epic Metal which constantly goes between Thrash and Doom, and Ameven’s voice is the creepiest I ever heard (I did not know for a long time whether it’s a man or woman singing). So I decided to re-release it on tape with a different cover artwork done by Lawless Art. It features a ghost and a tower, haha. I love the artwork, in full colour, it looks absolutely amazing, but for the tape, we decided for a monochrome look. I absolutely love this album and listening to it still gives me the chills.


Ghost Tower – Head of Night MC