MPX05: Speedbreaker – Midnight Warrior

Cover:MPX05: Speedbreaker – Midnight Warrior

Ioannis was someone I’ve known for some time, but not really that much. I think he was an Iron Kobra fan, so we met at concerts, but it’s not like we had a lot to do with each other. But when he posted the first Speedbreaker recordings on facebook, I HAD to release their demo. It’s like a very melodic Motörhead or something like that. And Simon is probably one of the best guitar players I know. Their 7″ and album which were released later were equally good, if not better. Unfortunately, they broke upe some time ago, but maybe they’ll come together again for a new record in the future?

The cover was done by Janne from Lawless Arts, and I love how the perspective is just absolutely wrong on the bike, haha. Also, because Ioannis is Greek and Simon had Greek roots, we decided to make the tape blue-white, as in the Greek flag. Nice little touch! The vinyl version of the demo also got a different cover artwork which I like a lot.

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