MPX02: Messerschmitt – Demo’lition

Cover:MPX02: Messerschmitt – Demo’lition

In the early days of MPX, I never really thought that I would release a lot of stuff (and up to this day, I don’t really release a lot), but when I first heard Messerschmitt, I was surprised that there is a German Thrash Metal band which does not aim to sound like Sodom, but rather like the cleaner sounds of Megadeth. I discussed with Maik, the singer of the band, about the possibility of a MC release and, well, we did it. Since then, Messerschmitt recorded another EP and a full-length album, both still carrying the Speed Metal spirit which made this demo so cool. Also, for some reason, the tape itself was green and I have no idea why I thought that was a good idea.