MPX 01: Rest in Peace – Exhumed

Cover:MPX 01: Rest in Peace – Exhumed

This is the release that started it all. I’ve been friends with Volker, the brain and vocals behind Hellhammer-worshippers Warhammer, for quite some years already, and if you know him, he is this grumpy old guy with a short haircut. Calling me surprised when I saw photos of his first bands from the 80s and he had an afro!

I was immediately intrigued by it and promised him that, if I ever should have a record label, I want to re-release old recordings of this band. He searched through his cellar and found their original demo tape and also some live recordings. This is a rare document of time, which depicts the Ruhr area underground scene which few know about. Musically, it is Thrash Metal with some Punk influences. Definitely something which still carries the vibe of a 80’s DIY demo release.

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