EPX02: Midnight Prey – Blood Stained Streets

Cover:EPX02: Midnight Prey – Blood Stained Streets

This was a MPX premier, as it marks the first time I release a band twice. Normally, the bands I release either have no interest in playing, broke up, or just went too big for me (or to the point where I just couldn’t help them anymore). SO I was really happy when Midnight Prey approached me with these two songs, and asked wether I’d love to release them. And of course I did!

Two cool songs in a similar style to their previous EP, but faster and even more aggressive. We tried for a cool layout with an oldschool bandphoto which wa sactually taken with an analogue camera (no digital bullshit). The pink colour is also just screaming “Fuck you!”. Gates to Purgatory by Running Wild used a similar colour and I always loved how out of place it was.

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