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I need to make space & money, so now, everything in the MPX shop is discounted by 50 %! EVERYTHING! LPs, CDs, Tapes, Zines, Patches, Shirts, EVERYTHING! No discount code needed, just order and buy beer and booze from the money you save!

Offer valid until end of August. Order fast, many items are only available in very limited amounts!

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No Shipping until end of July!

No orders will be shipped until the week after Chaos Descends, sicne I’m on holidays now. The shop will stay open, but any order you place will be fulfilled at the end of July. Also, there will be a huge sale and many additions to the shop, so you best wait until then.

See you at the stage at Chaos Descends!

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OUT NOW: Midnight Prey – Blood Stained Streets

Finally, the first 7″ of these Hamburger Kiezrockers is out! Two songs of madness which will blow your head off! No compromises, no drum trigger, no artificial sound effects; listening to this record is like being at a live concert!

You can now find the record in our shop or at various distros all over the world. HAIL AND KILL!

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EPX02: Midnight Prey – Blood Stained Streets 7″ up for pre-order!

After a demo and an EP, these young German Underground maniax finally have their first output on black gold! Blood Stained Streets features to brand new songs in the vein of really dirty and fast Heavy Metal. You can listen to the first song of the 7″, Street Mafia, on the band’s bandcamp page:

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=1574851175 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=de270f tracklist=false artwork=small]

It will probably release around February 2017, depending on how fast the pressing plant will be.

Additionally, the band released a new patch which will release later this month. it’s probably the ugliest patch in Heavy Metal history, so you have to buy it!


You can pre-order everything in the MPX shop. The 7″ will be reduced in price in the pre-order price, so you only pay 4€ instead of the normal 5! I also offer several packages with which you can save even more.

Blood Stained Streets 7″ – 4€ (instead of 5)

Street Mafia Patch – 4€

7″ & Patch – 7€ (instead of 9)

7″ & Patch & CD – 10€ (instead of 14)

All orders of the vinyl also include a code which allows you to download both songs in high quality. Sweet, dude!

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MPX anniversary sale!

Five years ago, in the fateful month of May 2011, MPX released its first two tapes. The Rest in Peace – Exhumed compilation as well as the Messerschmitt – Demo’lition demo. Can you believe it? Five years later and I’m still going (more or less), trying to keep it all together. I even planned new releases for this year! Ok, MPX is a bit older, it actually started in 2010 with a Trench Hell concert, but who cares?

But YOU should care about it – because for the complete month of June, there will be a 25% discount on ALL products in the store! The discount applies as soon as you select a product for your cart. And of course, there’s also a distro update this month…


The Wizar’d – Ancient Tome of Arcane Knowledge

Deathman – 3 Track Heavy Metal Tape

Rapid – Deadly Torment


Tarot – Reflections

Scalare – At the Edge of Darkness


Midnight Prey – Patch

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Help ZEX!

Canadian Punkers ZEX have been robbed on their tour! Two days ago, when they played in Barcelona, their tour bus has been robbed and somebody stole part of their equipment, personal stuff and merchandise. With 3 more weeks on tour, this could kill the band!

So please, support the band. Go to the remaining concerts of their tour, buy their music on their bandcamp pagge or directly donate some money on this website:

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MPX presents: ZEX in Hermsdorf!

I am VERY happy to announce that I’ll be organizing a concert for this amazing Canadian Punk band during their Europe tour which just started.

Why do I announce this so late? Because I am a lazy, stupid fucker (that’s the short version). But it’s taking place so everybody should come for a fun night. It’ll cost around 5€, beer’s cheap so there’s no reason to stay at home.


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Midnight Prey – Rite of Blood coming soon!

After many delays, personal issues (mostly too much work and me moving) I can finally announce that the CD of the Midnight Prey EP will come out within this month. The files have already been sent to the pressing plant and I hope it will arrive within the next two weeks.

Sorry for all the delays and problems, I am a lazy bum. This will also probably be the last MPX release, I only plan to release a Krossburst 7″ (whenever the recordings are done) and maybe release the upcoming Iron Kobra single (as Dying Victims Productions will be on hiatus for a year), after that I might call it a day. Running MPX was and is always fun, meeting new cool guys, finding new awesome music. I hope I’ll be able to go through it for some more years, but can’t promise too much.

Oh, but I’m already planning a concert again for next year. This time, in Jena (as I moved here). News on that will follow when all is set.