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Distro Update March ’17

It’s been some time since I gave an update on recently added items to the distro! But we got some fine stuff here, ranging from Heavy Metal to the deepest depths of Punk. D-Beat or no Beat!


Ice War – Battlezone

Hellburst – Demo(n) #1


Midnight Force – Restless Blade

Nightstryke – The First Stryke


Terrorsaw – The Deepest Machete Penetration

Midnight Prey – Blood Stained Streets

Elegy – Evolve Into Darkness

Axewielder/Alley Cat – Heavy Metal Hammer/Rock’n’Roller

Storm Warning – Insanity (Restock)

Transilvania/Kafirun – 7″ Split

Sons Of Iniquity – Demo 2016

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Distro Update August ’16

Finally, I came back from a three week US trip! Sorry for the lack of updates, but I travelled across the East Coast. Anyway, got some nice stuff from my friends Inti from Canada and Spandex Marco. A rather small update this time, but high quality!


Chainbreaker – Constant Graving

Metalian – Metal, Fire & Ice

Rot Remains – Evisceration of the Mind


Funeral Circle/Gatekeeper – Hades Triumphant/Bell of Tarantia

Also, I now implemented a function in the shop that gives you a free, high quality download for MPX releases. So whenever you buy one of the following products, you’ll get an additional download code for free!

Midnight Prey – Rite of Blood

Obsessör/Hellhunt – The Night is on Fire/Reaper’s Funeral

Speedbreaker – Built for Speed

All other MPX releases which are still available are free to download anyway! If you bought one of these two releases and feel cheated, write me a message and I’ll send you a code for free.

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MPX anniversary sale!

Five years ago, in the fateful month of May 2011, MPX released its first two tapes. The Rest in Peace – Exhumed compilation as well as the Messerschmitt – Demo’lition demo. Can you believe it? Five years later and I’m still going (more or less), trying to keep it all together. I even planned new releases for this year! Ok, MPX is a bit older, it actually started in 2010 with a Trench Hell concert, but who cares?

But YOU should care about it – because for the complete month of June, there will be a 25% discount on ALL products in the store! The discount applies as soon as you select a product for your cart. And of course, there’s also a distro update this month…


The Wizar’d – Ancient Tome of Arcane Knowledge

Deathman – 3 Track Heavy Metal Tape

Rapid – Deadly Torment


Tarot – Reflections

Scalare – At the Edge of Darkness


Midnight Prey – Patch

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Distro Update May ’16

A small update this week. I now also stock Iron Kobra stuff, if you are interested, I also can get vinyls for the shop.


Diabolic Night – Infernal Power

Atomic Roar/Alcoholic Force – The Atomic Drunkards of the Apocalypse


Ice War – Dream Spirit

Iron Kobra – Dungeon Masters

Iron Kobra – Might & Magic

White Magician – The Pledge


Iron Kobra – Gelsenkirchen Patch

Nuke – Delta City (+ Patch)


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Distro Update March ’16

Some cool new stuff, thanks to Into Dungeons Records, Destruktion Records, Urtod Void Records, Infernö Records and Undercover Records!


Heretic Rites – Hiding Is So Futile

Spitfire – s/t

Lady Beast – Lady Beast II


Storm Warning – Insanity

Quintessenz – Okkult Metal Spell


Witching Hour – Where Pale Winds Take them High


Midnight Callings – Pilgrims of the Black Hole

Blackevil – Hail the Cult

Tentation – s/t

Witchcurse – Heavy Metal Poison