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Distro Update May ’16

A small update this week. I now also stock Iron Kobra stuff, if you are interested, I also can get vinyls for the shop.


Diabolic Night – Infernal Power

Atomic Roar/Alcoholic Force – The Atomic Drunkards of the Apocalypse


Ice War – Dream Spirit

Iron Kobra – Dungeon Masters

Iron Kobra – Might & Magic

White Magician – The Pledge


Iron Kobra – Gelsenkirchen Patch

Nuke – Delta City (+ Patch)


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Distro Update March ’16

Some cool new stuff, thanks to Into Dungeons Records, Destruktion Records, Urtod Void Records, Infernö Records and Undercover Records!


Heretic Rites – Hiding Is So Futile

Spitfire – s/t

Lady Beast – Lady Beast II


Storm Warning – Insanity

Quintessenz – Okkult Metal Spell


Witching Hour – Where Pale Winds Take them High


Midnight Callings – Pilgrims of the Black Hole

Blackevil – Hail the Cult

Tentation – s/t

Witchcurse – Heavy Metal Poison



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Midnight Prey – Rite of Blood coming soon!

After many delays, personal issues (mostly too much work and me moving) I can finally announce that the CD of the Midnight Prey EP will come out within this month. The files have already been sent to the pressing plant and I hope it will arrive within the next two weeks.

Sorry for all the delays and problems, I am a lazy bum. This will also probably be the last MPX release, I only plan to release a Krossburst 7″ (whenever the recordings are done) and maybe release the upcoming Iron Kobra single (as Dying Victims Productions will be on hiatus for a year), after that I might call it a day. Running MPX was and is always fun, meeting new cool guys, finding new awesome music. I hope I’ll be able to go through it for some more years, but can’t promise too much.

Oh, but I’m already planning a concert again for next year. This time, in Jena (as I moved here). News on that will follow when all is set.