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About us

MetalPunx Rex

MetalPunx Rex is a small, Germany-based label founded in 2010 or ’11, however you want to see it. It’s a one-man DIY “business”, so don’t expect anything.


So while the name MetalPunx Rex suggests that I’m only and solely interested in Metalpunk (whatever that is), that’s not true. Actually, this label follows two simple philosophies which inspire my releases:

Support the Young!

Most of the MPX releases are by young, fresh bands, often including their very first demo. This is very important to me. Many labels don’t give a shit about the band itself, they just want to sell you some crap. I hate that. I want to help young bands to succeed, to get their music out there to people who actually care. You won’t see stuff like “Demo-Tape limited to 50 MCs!” here, because this shit is going nowhere. No, I want to support them in every way, trying to organize gigs, helping to get them on a bigger label from which they can actually profit, stuff like that. It’s a bad business decision, but this absolutely has priority to me.

Every Metal needs Punk

This is where the Metalpunk comes into play. No, to me, Metalpunk is more than some shitty band, playing like a bad and fast Venom coverband. Every piece of Metal music needs a raw and wild attitude, untameable, and this is the punk attitude I’m referring to. That’s why my releases range from Epic Metal to Black/Thrash, I don’t care about the genre, only about the spirit. And that’s also something most people forget, they think if they just play fast and loud, that this is enough. But it’s not.


If you are a band/label and are interested in our releases or getting your releases into my shop, feel free to contact me and I am sure we can work out a trade or wholesale: info (at) metalpunxrex (dot) de

2 thoughts on “MetalPunk is Dead – Who the Fuck cares

  1. Hello,

    I’m Eduardo Zurita from the rock ‘n’ roll band Cöuntess. We’re currently looking for a label to release our new EP in vinyl format. Here is a song from that EP

    Let me know if you’re interested and I will send you the rest of the tracks

    Best regards!

    1. Hey,

      sorry, my plans for the near future are already all set. But cool sound and good luck with finding a label!


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