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Distro Update August ’16

Finally, I came back from a three week US trip! Sorry for the lack of updates, but I travelled across the East Coast. Anyway, got some nice stuff from my friends Inti from Canada and Spandex Marco. A rather small update this time, but high quality!


Chainbreaker – Constant Graving

Metalian – Metal, Fire & Ice

Rot Remains – Evisceration of the Mind


Funeral Circle/Gatekeeper – Hades Triumphant/Bell of Tarantia

Also, I now implemented a function in the shop that gives you a free, high quality download for MPX releases. So whenever you buy one of the following products, you’ll get an additional download code for free!

Midnight Prey – Rite of Blood

Obsessör/Hellhunt – The Night is on Fire/Reaper’s Funeral

Speedbreaker – Built for Speed

All other MPX releases which are still available are free to download anyway! If you bought one of these two releases and feel cheated, write me a message and I’ll send you a code for free.

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MPX anniversary sale!

Five years ago, in the fateful month of May 2011, MPX released its first two tapes. The Rest in Peace – Exhumed compilation as well as the Messerschmitt – Demo’lition demo. Can you believe it? Five years later and I’m still going (more or less), trying to keep it all together. I even planned new releases for this year! Ok, MPX is a bit older, it actually started in 2010 with a Trench Hell concert, but who cares?

But YOU should care about it – because for the complete month of June, there will be a 25% discount on ALL products in the store! The discount applies as soon as you select a product for your cart. And of course, there’s also a distro update this month…


The Wizar’d – Ancient Tome of Arcane Knowledge

Deathman – 3 Track Heavy Metal Tape

Rapid – Deadly Torment


Tarot – Reflections

Scalare – At the Edge of Darkness


Midnight Prey – Patch

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Help ZEX!


Canadian Punkers ZEX have been robbed on their tour! Two days ago, when they played in Barcelona, their tour bus has been robbed and somebody stole part of their equipment, personal stuff and merchandise. With 3 more weeks on tour, this could kill the band!

So please, support the band. Go to the remaining concerts of their tour, buy their music on their bandcamp pagge or directly donate some money on this website:

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MPX presents: ZEX in Hermsdorf!

I am VERY happy to announce that I’ll be organizing a concert for this amazing Canadian Punk band during their Europe tour which just started.

Why do I announce this so late? Because I am a lazy, stupid fucker (that’s the short version). But it’s taking place so everybody should come for a fun night. It’ll cost around 5€, beer’s cheap so there’s no reason to stay at home.


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Distro Update May ’16

A small update this week. I now also stock Iron Kobra stuff, if you are interested, I also can get vinyls for the shop.


Diabolic Night – Infernal Power

Atomic Roar/Alcoholic Force – The Atomic Drunkards of the Apocalypse


Ice War – Dream Spirit

Iron Kobra – Dungeon Masters

Iron Kobra – Might & Magic

White Magician – The Pledge


Iron Kobra – Gelsenkirchen Patch

Nuke – Delta City (+ Patch)


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Distro Update March ’16

Some cool new stuff, thanks to Into Dungeons Records, Destruktion Records, Urtod Void Records, Infernö Records and Undercover Records!


Heretic Rites – Hiding Is So Futile

Spitfire – s/t

Lady Beast – Lady Beast II


Storm Warning – Insanity

Quintessenz – Okkult Metal Spell


Witching Hour – Where Pale Winds Take them High


Midnight Callings – Pilgrims of the Black Hole

Blackevil – Hail the Cult

Tentation – s/t

Witchcurse – Heavy Metal Poison



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Distro Update 2015/12/20

Shortly before Christmas (ROT IN HELL JESUS CHRIST!), a small distro update.


Whipstriker/Bastardizer – Strike of the Bastard
Sakhet – A voz de Sakhet
Dusk – Pure and Obscure
Tyfon’s Doom – s/t
Viande – s/t
Vultures Vengeance – Rising


Witch Blade – Oskuldernas eld


Infant Death – Funeral Massacre